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About Dr. Maria

Advanced Facial Aesthetics Practitioner - trained at the world famous Dr. Bob Khanna Training Institute

Registered ZO Skin Health Physician - trained by Wigmore Medical Training Academy

Gold member of the IAAFA (International Association of Advanced Facial Aesthetics) and JCCP (Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners)

Senior Dental Surgeon - specialised in treating nervous patients

Head and neck surgery experience across multiple hospitals

After studying the head & neck for 5 years, she qualified as a Dental Surgeon in 2016 from The University of Manchester.She then worked across multiple hospitals in Liverpool as a head & neck surgeon. This is where her knowledge and passion for the face began; and she developed a firm knowledge of facial anatomy and surgical skills.

Dr. Maria trained in providing wrinkle treatments, lip & dermal fillers at the world renowned Dr. Bob Khanna Training Institute. Over several years, she has developed the confidence and experience to provide treatments that compliments and enhances the existing beauty of her patients. Dr. Maria prides herself on being able to create personalised treatment plans for each patient; working with a wide range face shapes, ethnicities and patient preferences. 

Dr Maria trained at the Wigmore Medical training academy to become a ZO® Skin Health medical skincare physician, giving her the ability to treat a variety of skin conditions and concerns such as: ageing, dullness, dryness, acne, eczema, rosacea, scaring, pigmentation, and many other skincare concerns

She is a gold member of the IAAFA (International Association of Advanced Facial Aesthetics) and the JCCP (Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners). As a member of these organisations, Dr. Maria has proven to be appropriately trained and focused on patient safety. 

Dr. Maria prides herself on being an aesthetics practitioner that her patients can trust.

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